Harp Soon Construction Sdn Bhd has been active in the

Construction and Property Development industries

for the past 38 years.

Based in Klang, the company was incorporated in Malaysia on 8th January 1980. With a humble beginning, the company has built a reputation in the construction industry for its quality houses, good-value homes, superior workmanship, and timely delivery of houses.

Almost all of our project launches are often sold out. Today, the company has also diversified in developing commercial properties mainly in commercial shop-lots. Our successes are attributed to good visionary foresight, proper planning, application of the right strategy and smart partnership in our various projects.

Our Principle

As a member of the Housing Developers’ Association Malaysia since 1985, Harp Soon is also a socially responsible company. The company has always followed and focused on the guidelines, rules and regulation stated by the Association. We believe in delivering quality products. Many of our satisfied buyers have recognized our discipline and superior quality finishes. From our proven track record, this is the reason why we have been successful in expanding our businesses around many areas in the Klang Valley. Combining all of the factors above, we are confident that we will continue to be successful and profitable in whatever projects we embark on.

We have no doubt that our Company can undertake and complete many other projects set out in the attached appendices with :-
  • Superior quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Timely delivery
  • Profitable outcome
  • Great successes.